Perpetuating Sovereignty
Empowering Individuals

Paving the way to a more decentralized world with information, collateralization and co-ownership.



Dissemination of knowledge decentralizes power. We aim to be the go-to place for anyone new to the blockchain world, by providing well-researched educational content that’s accessible to anyone.




Gifting leads to getting. We’re foster a gifting culture internally and will gift knowledge, code, and time externally to help distributed ledger technology “cross the chasm” and become integrated into everyday life so that it will improve the lives of those who need it as opposed to only those who are building it.




Collateral incentivizes action. bitfish will design and support games that leverage collateral to circumvent local maxima, creating better outcomes for all parties involved. We’ll start by validating Proof-of-Stake blockchains which use collateral to incentivize “good behavior” and look forward to creating other collateralization based products.


Second Order design

We are growing

We are a multicultural and international team. Any obstacle we face we get stronger. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Join us now!

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Learn about DPOS and Plasma Cash with Loom’s very own DPOS Researcher, Roy Blankman. Go over how DPoS works, benefits and tradeoffs, and how to mitigate those tradeoffs to achieve a higher level of scalability.... Details
December 7, 19:00
Empire Tower, Bangkok 10120

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November 29, 19:00
Blockchain: Technology Myths and Practical applications is designed to educate blockchain enthusiast, developers, and entrepreneurs on building token economy and utilizing the next generation of blockchain technology products. The greater goal of this intensive event is to bolster the industry’s reach to mainstream adoption of the blockchain projects that matter....

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